At Poolesland

William Brayley Art + Design studio is located at Poolesland Eco-Village in Tofino, BC. As beings that have developed an eco-system outside of nature, one that is becoming more and more harmful to the earth that sustains it, it is a major mandate at Poolesland and also for William Brayley Art + Design co. to find more harmonious ways for humans to co-exist with the natural environment. Re-using and recycling material whenever, where-ever and however possible, while reducing harmful emissions to the environment help to shape art that often reflects the changing relationship between people and planet earth.

“MARS OR BUST!”, acrylic + spray paint on aluminium motor home siding.

Resoration in process

This work entitled ‘Metaphor for the City’ by artist unknown was abandoned on Poolesland and spent many months weathering the elements. A beautiful work , it is now under going restoration for the a collective show at Experiential Gallery in Tofino this March.