What is art? A fair and simple definition could state that art is any form of human expression used to represent a subject, idea, or emotion. More complex consideration of art leads to questions about all of creation. The earliest drawings on cave walls tens of thousands of years ago are thought to have been used to communicate about what we believe to be the most basic needs of human life. With primitive tools these ‘artist’s’ helped to lay the foundations for an evolution that has seen artists’ conceptions used to convincingly portray everything from singing + dancing cartoon mice to the notion of heaven itself, or space, a frontier once only seen through artist’s renderings now accessible because of advances in human engineering and design. Just as photography and television revolutionized the art world in the early modern era more recent technological advances have already drastically begun to change the way art is accessed, viewed and created. Less than 500 years ago renaissance masters had arguably reached the pinnacle of classical sculpture with works like Michelangelo’s ‘David’. Today, fields such as robotics, nanotechnologies, and holographic imaging add new dimensions to the forum of discussion about what exactly qualifies a work to be ‘sculpture’. As modes of human expression evolve so too does any genuine attempt to answer the question "What is art?”
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